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Norton Industries Incorporated is a family owned and operated manufacturer of architectural ceiling products. We pride ourselves as being the oldest leading manufacturer of commercial architectural wood ceiling and wood wall systems in the USA. 

We started out in 1967 and continue to lead the industry today. Fresh ideas and innovations, such as our patented Twist Clip (US Patent #8,549,810), have always been a part of the Norton Industries philosophy. Our unparalleled staff of dedicated architects, project managers and ceiling engineers seamlessly manage the complex details of every project to ensure the most efficient and smooth installation, from the project's inception to its completion.

"Looking Forward to Looking Up!" ™

President's Choice employee

Marshall Hooker - Graphic Designer


Sleep In Heavenly Peace is a nonprofit organization that helps children in need by building and donating beds to less fortunate families. Norton supports them with donations of excess inventory.

Roger from Sleep In Heavenly Peace gave us an update with photos regarding our recent donation, which saved them $38 per bed, essentially allowing them to build one in every nine beds for free. The photos show some new beds in a home, and the mattress on the floor where all of these kids slept before SHP stepped in to help.

Sleep in heavenly peace is doing wonderful things through the local chapter in Elyria, Ohio, and all over the country. Find your local chapter and learn how  you can support this great organization at shpbeds.org

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